Sunday, 14 July 2013

Victorian Album - Full Photos 2

Reverse side below

J. Hopwood Photographer 87 - 89 Linthorpe Road, Middlesbrough
Reverse side below
William Baker Portraits, Regent Street, Stockton
Obviously this one is  not family (I don't think)!
Reverse side below

C.S Allen, Photographer, Tredegar House,Tenby

Chas Casbon, Studio, 6, Alexandra Road,Hornsey

Henry Darnton, Artiste, Bridge Road,Stockton on Tees.

Fred Williams

Mr Young

Alf Harker

Bert Hackworth

Esther Hackworth

Jim Bussey

Margetta Harker

Tom Williams

Alf Harker

Fred Williams

Fred Williams 




Albert Hackworth (Son of John Wesley Hackworth) (See reverse of card below)

Mary Hackworth - daughter of Albert and Esther Hackworth. Emigrated to USA. Primary school teacher. Died a spinster aged 30.
( as written on the back of Mary's photo here below.)

Harry Parsons married to Winifred Hackworth - father of Joan Hackworth Parsons (Weir)
Employed by Head Wrightsons in Thornaby on Tees.

Another photo of Harry Parsons

Harry Parsons

Robert Young

Esther and Mary Hackworth