Sunday, 28 December 2014

Stockton and Darlington Railway Souvenir Guide 1975

You can download this 1975 Souvenir booklet from Joan's Collection free via Google drive here
However, there is no preview available as the file is 95mb but i will give an outline of the contents and some of the pictures here. Joan would have got this booklet while a VIP guest at the opening of the Timothy Hackworth, Shildon in 1975.

Rail 150 Exhibition Guide - 1825 to 1975 - Chapters of this Book
President's Welcome - The Rt. Hon Viscount Downe.
Note from the Editor - Alan Bowman
Stockton and Darlington Railway - It's Place in History. PWB Semmens MA FRIC
Shildon Works - KW Ashbury
GPO Exhibition
Restoration and Preservation of Locomotives - Maurice Burns.
Selection of Stock for Rail 150 Exhibition Cavalcade - Michael Wheeler - Chairman.
Assembling the Exhibition - George Hinchcliffe
Early Locomotion and Rolling Stock - MG Satow.
Express Passenger Locomotives.
Freight Locomotives.
Shunting Locomotives.
Diesel and Petrol Locomotives.
Coaches and Rolling Stock.
Commuter Trains
The New Image
Grand Steam Cavalcade
National Railway museum
Rail Trail
Ideas for a Day Out.

Some photos from the booklet.

Timothy Hackworth's House, Shildon

Many more photos of later trains in the booklet.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Letter Exchange between Robert Young and Samuel Holmes

Joan Hackworth Weir (nee Parsons) received a package from Norman in 1987 - who seems to be a descendant of  Norman Alderslade (husband of  Esther Alderslade (Hackworth). Norman Alderslade died in 1973 so this is a younger Norman. his letter to Joan outlines the content following his letter are the letter exchanged between Robert Young (author of the Timothy Hackworth books and a relation Samuel Holmes.

Norman to Joan Hackworth Weir 1987

Robert Young to Samuel Holmes May 1920 (in the process of writing the Timothy Hackworth Book)

Letter Samuel Holmes to Robert Young June 1920

Friday, 23 May 2014

Opening Ceremony of Timothy Hackworth Museum 1975

Opening Ceremony of Timothy Hackworth Museum Shildon by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother 17th July 1975. Joan Hackworth Weir and her daughter - Margaret Weir were presented to the Queen Mother  along with Reginald Hackworth Young and his daughter Jane Hackworth Young.

Shildon Urban Rail Trails S & D 150 Booklet

Shildon Urban Rail Trails S & D 150 Booklet produced in 1950 by the Shildon S & D Railway Jubilee Committee.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Railway Centenary Medallion 1925.

Envelope Containing Sketches of engines / Timothy Hackworth and Tracts.

The envelope contains the following - Sketches / Press Cutting / Tracts / Free Library Card

This tract by John Wesley Hackworth is on an earlier post - there are several copies in the collection.

And the reverse side of this Free-Library ticket.