Monday, 31 March 2014

Railway Queen Visits Shildon July 8th 1950 Northern Echo

The Wrong Side of the Track - Keith Newton - Evening Gazette sept 2nd 1975

"Book Traces Rail Links - Middlesbrough Wouldn't have Happened Without Railway" Sept 2nd 1975 Evening Gazette.

"£50,000 Lost due to Short Sighteness" Evening Gazette 1975 Sept 2nd

In Memory of a Pioneer - Esther and Mary Hackworth - Daily Chronicle 1925

North East Men and Affairs - How Shildon Will Remember Hackworth

1950 Press Cutting

"Timothy Hackworth Centenary - Shildon to Commemorate a Genius" Northern Echo 1950

Shildon Honours Pioneer (Press Cutting)

Descendant of Hackworth Thanks Shildon - 1950 (Press Cutting)

Published letter from Winifred Parsons (Hackworth) - Joan's mother. From Northern Echo 1950.

"Royal Guest at Railway Gala 1925" Press Cutting

Have scanned this cutting in 2 parts as it was too long for the scanner.

Timothy Hackworth Celebrations 1950 - Northern Echo Press Cutting

"Hackworth's Vital Part Overshadowed" Northern Echo Press cutting

No date for this cutting from the Northern Echo but it is a reply to Harry Parson's -

Evening Gazette Cutting c 1950, Timothy Hackworth and Middlesbrough Shipping Staithes.

"Letter Sent to Timothy Hackworth - Kept by his Thornaby Descendants" Press Cutting

I think this cutting is from c 1934 / 5 and concerns the letter which Joan Hackworth Weir finally handed over to the NRM in 2005 from Robert Stephenson.

"George Stephenson May Have Been George Stephinson Claim" Press Cutting

I'm not sure when this cutting appeared but it's likely to be the Northern Echo or a Teesside paper given the mention of Redcar. The cutting is quite old and there's no date or designation with it. It is a claim I haven't heard before and which is mostly resolved by now!

Museum Plans on Track - Press Cutting c 2004

I think this press cutting, sent to Joan by Jane is from the Northern Echo but it doesn't a date or designation on the photo copy but it's clearly from about 2004 ish and details the plans for the creation of Locomotion at Shildon. I have split the cutting up into two parts as it's too big for my scanner.