Friday, 23 May 2014

Opening Ceremony of Timothy Hackworth Museum 1975

Opening Ceremony of Timothy Hackworth Museum Shildon by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother 17th July 1975. Joan Hackworth Weir and her daughter - Margaret Weir were presented to the Queen Mother  along with Reginald Hackworth Young and his daughter Jane Hackworth Young.

Shildon Urban Rail Trails S & D 150 Booklet

Shildon Urban Rail Trails S & D 150 Booklet produced in 1950 by the Shildon S & D Railway Jubilee Committee.

Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Railway Centenary Medallion 1925.

Envelope Containing Sketches of engines / Timothy Hackworth and Tracts.

The envelope contains the following - Sketches / Press Cutting / Tracts / Free Library Card

This tract by John Wesley Hackworth is on an earlier post - there are several copies in the collection.

And the reverse side of this Free-Library ticket.

Receipt from Railway Centenary Fund for Donation from Mrs Parsons / Hackworth 1925

Receipt from Railway Centenary Fund 1925 -

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

1925 Centenary Programme Booklet - London and North Eastern Railway

1825 - 1925 London and North Eastern Railway programme or Ceremonies in connection with The Commemoration of the Centenary of Railways Thursday 2nd July 1925.

Contains Summary of Proceedings / Notes for the Guidance of Ticket Holders / Programme / Banquet at Darlington / programme of Music / Special Train Services.

Pdf version of the booklet below - click +  or - to expand or contract window and the arrow to track back to Google Drive where you can also view it or download the file for free if you look in the menu.

Contains descriptions of the Engines in the display and two maps - one of the key Plan of Centenary Celebration s and one of  the Banqueting Hall and Exhibitions.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Opening of Newport Bridge, Middlesbrough 1934

Not Hackworth related but another interesting souvenir booklet in Joan's collection. Joan would have been about 14 when Newport bridge was opened in 1934 and no doubt the family took her to see the opening, which would have only been a little way down the 'Wilderness' along the Stockton to Middlesbrough railway corridor from where they lived in Thornaby on Tees. Timothy hackworth had built the original coal staithes at Port Darlington (Middlesbrough) over  a hundred years before in 1830. Coal was the prime mover but from 1840 iron and steel were the prime movers and as can been seen, still in 1934.

Postcards of Redcar 1925 - From Harry Parsons to Winifred Hackworth.

Sent by Harry Parsons to Winifred Hackworth before they were married. These were Joan's parents and shows Redcar pier before it was destroyed and Redcar beach before 1925.  The date stamp is 1925 but I think they might have been taken a little while before just before the 1st world war. There are no motor vehicles in the pictures and I've seen one of the pictures elsewhere that suggests pre-war.

The postcard photos were a foldout as seen here but with more photos. I've scanned the photos separately below.

And some other local pictures were in the folder.

And the lid of a tin in Joan's collection 1902.