Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Timothy Hackworth Mug 1975

I think Joan's mug went to the Timothy hackworth Museum but here a photo

Esther Hackworth's Notebook

This notebook is a list of material (Photos etc) in the possession of Esther Hackworth and relates to the material now in Joan Hackworth Weir's case, being uploaded here. Some of the material has since gone to the NRM at Shildon.

The notebook is in a pdf file format on Google Drive and viewable here. Click + to enlarge or click the arrow to go to Google drive to view it - once there go to file menu from which you can download the file.

Monday, 28 April 2014

A Chapter in the History of Railway Locomotion (with a Memoir of Timothy Hackworth)>

Extracted from the Practical Mechanics Journal c1875

There were a number of these pamphlets in Joan's collection and here it is in pdf form. To view the pamphlet click the + to enlarge or click arrow to go to Google drive, where it is stored. You can read it full size there or download it via the one of the menu options.

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Albert Hackworth's Hoisting Engineers Certificate 1917 - Ontario

This is a scan of Albert Hackworth's Hoisting Engineers Certificate 1917, issued by the Ontario Department of Public Works and Highways.

Timothy Hackworth - Chapter in Great Engineers - J.F.. Layson 1890

This is the chapter on Timothy Hackworth from J F Layson's book Great Engineers 1890.

You can read the chapter in this pdf file stored on Google Drive (Docs) To make it bigger click the + sign or to go to Google drive to read it or download click the arrow.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Great Engineers - J F Layson - Published 1890

Joan Hackworth Weir had a copy of this book - Great Engineers by J F Layson in her collection in which there are chapters on George and Robert Stephenson and other railway engineers including Timothy Hackworth. the contents are included here. Although I can find no published date inside the book, and Amazon and other book stores on the internet are equally unsure of the publish date, i found it to be 1890, according to this site here - in the margin.

It's not entirely on railway engineers of course and contains chapters on George stephenson, Robert Stephenson, Richard Trevithick, William Hedley, Timothy Hackworth, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Sir William Fairburn, Lord Armstrong, Gustave Eiffel, Sir John Fowler, Sir Benjamin Baker, Sir William Arrol, The Fourth Bridge.

Here are some of the graphics and the chapter on Timothy Hackworth  will appear in  the next post -

Sunday, 13 April 2014

"Duke of York Inaugurates Railway Celebrations" Northern Echo 1925

Above is a photo of the whole page so you can see the context and below I've scanned it in sections so you can actually read it.