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Letters from John Wesley Hackworth 1880 - 1890

John Wesley Hackworth
Albert Hackworth
These are some of the letters mostly sent (one sent to him) by John Wesley Hackworth between 1880 - Joan Hackworth Weir collection but given to NRM (photocopies have recently been returned for this site via Jane Hackworth Young.
1890 that were in the

Ref 1029 
Letter from John Wesley Hackworth to his son Albert Hackworth  dated 1st November 1890

Ref 1030
Letter from John Wesley Hackworth (Darlington) to Albert Hackworth (son) 25th January 1886 - from Victoria Road, Darlington.

Ref 1031
Letter from John Wesley Hackworth (Victoria Rd. Darlington) to Albert Hackworth (Son) 16th July 1887.

Ref 1032
Letter from John Wesley Hackworth (London) 8th May 1885 to Albert Hackworth (Sunderland).

Ref 1033
Letter copy written in John Wesley Hackworth's hand - Darlington to Messers Stephens, Mawson and Goss. Newport. 15th November 1889. Torn in half - about Paragon Valves.

Ref 1034
Letter from George Cosser (New Delaval) to John Wesley Hackworth New Delaval Near Blyth 5th May 1885

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