Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Assorted Hackworth or Shildon Photographs and Postcards Pt 2.

Sampson in Chicago

The above photo was slightly too big for the scanner so the top one shows the roof where as the second scans the bottom area more.

On the reverse of this photo (as seen in the photo under this one) it says "Assembling the forged steel couplings. The machine in the foreground rivets the couplings to the screwed bar." H/W (I assume this is John Wesley Hackworth. Hoods of Middlesbrough Engravers and Printers.

For information on Hoods see Grace's guide
Where the following 2 pics came from - 

From Google streetview - 256 Marton Rd, Middlesbrough - where Hoods and Co were.

Here's a sharpened black and white version via the photo package.

I think this is a photo from inside the Timothy Hackworth Museum House in Shildon. The photograph was done by  Walter davey and sons, Harrogate.

I think this is from the centenary 1925?

Albion Engine

Timothy Hackworth

Darlington Station

Darlington North road station

JJ Cash Woven picture of the Railways

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