Thursday, 20 March 2014

The Opening Ceremony of the Timothy Hackworth Museum 1975, with the Queen Mother.

This is the invitation to the opening ceremony of the Timothy Hackworth Museum, Shildon,  1975 for Joan Hackworth Weir and Margaret Weir, Joan's daughter. It was attended by her Majesty Elizabeth, The Queen Mother on Thursday 17th July, 1975. VIP Party.

Some photos of  Margaret and Joan Weir at the ceremony -

Joan Hackworth Weir

Joan in pink and Margaret in white - Ulick Loring on the left.

Joan and Margaret

Margaret Weir, daughter of Joan Hackworth Weir (nee Parsons)

(Above photos from Joan Hackworth Weir nee Parsons collection)

Margaret and Joan in the foreground and Jane Young
(Photo from Ulick Loring Collection)

Ulick Loring, Joan Hackworth Weir and Jane Hackworth Young.
Photo from Ulick Loring  Collection.

Ulick Loring and Reginald and Jane Young.
Photo for the Ulick Loring Collection

Ulick Loring in the Timothy hackworth museum 1975.
From the Ulick Loring Collection.

Jane Hackworth Young in the Timothy Hackworth Museum 1975
From the Ulick Loring Collection.

Reginald and Jane Young at the Hackworth Museum.

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