Sunday, 11 May 2014

John Wesley Hackworth's Notebook c1876

This appears to be John Wesley Hackworth's Notebook c 1876. It has his name on the front and and it looks to be his writing. It's his domestic housekeeping book for part of that year averaging a 19/s spend each week on food and lodgings and a wage summary. However the notebook seems to have had a multigenerational use. A. Hackworth - who I assume to be John's son Albert Hackworth is written on the back and presumably the rest of the entries may have been done by his daughter Winifred Hackworth - Joan;s mother as it involves an evaluation of Albert Hackworth's furniture, books etc. From page 19 in the pdf file below, the entries were at the back of the book and upside down.

Use the + sign to enlarge the pdf file below and the arrow to head to Google drive where the file can be downloaded.

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