Monday, 12 January 2015

John Wesley Hackworth's Bible 1875

Among the Hackworth material left by John Hackworth Weir (nee Parsons) was John Wesley Hackworth's copy of the King James Bible, presented to him when he was 55th by "his affectionate sister, Prudence Nightingale (nee Hackworth) (1822 - 1897) on April 10th 1875." Both John and his sister Prudence were offspring of  Timothy Hackworth. Prudence Nightingale was married to the Rev. Charles Nightingale 1816 - 1904 and lived in Romsey. John returned from his stay in the USA and Canada in 1875 and became Consulting Engineer at Darlington, then Sunderland and later in London according to the census  via Grace's Guide.

The cover of the Bible had some surface damage as can be seen in the photos but was fine inside. John, like his father Timothy hackworth, was a Methodist. John Wesley Hackworth was Joan Hackworth Weir's great grandfather.

This shows some of the damage to the cover. I've no idea who Mrs. Peter Le Coco is!

Clip of the spine - showing the damage.

The Bible in the light.

The inside inscription reads - 
" Presented to J.W. Hackworth by his affectionate sister, P. Nightingale, April 10th 75"

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