Monday, 12 January 2015

Timothy Hackworth 1840's Silhouettes

Among the artifacts that Joan contributed to the Timothy Hackworth Museum in Shildon in 1975, through her cousin Jane Hackworth Young, who with her father pioneered the museum, was a series of  Hackworth silhouettes.

The silhouettes are of Timothy Hackworth Sr, Jane Hackworth (nee Golightly) and Jane Young (nee Hackworth) created in the 1840's. As far as I know all three were in Joan's inherited family collection but the letter below evidences that at least the Timothy Hackworth one was.

According to Museum Topics from Locomotion, a copy of which Jane Hackworth Young sent me, the silhouettes were displayed at the 1930 Liverpool and Manchester Railway Centenary Celebration in Liverpool. The source of this information is correspondence in the Hackworth Papers, in the care of NRM at York, collated by archivist Alison Kay and Jane Hackworth Young ref: HACK 5/1/289 in the archive.

Timothy Hackworth Silhouette 1840's

Jane Hackworth (nee Golightly) 1840's Silhouette.

Jane Young (Nee Hackworth) 1840's Silhouette

The silhouettes are taken from the Story of the Hackworth Papers display board from Locomotion compiled by Alison Kay and Jane Hackworth Young.

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