Thursday, 24 January 2013

Drafts of a Letter to the Editor Vindicating Timothy Hackworth

Letters from the Joan Hackworth-Weir Collection 19

I'm not sure who wrote these loose sheets of what appears to be drafts of a letter to an editor in reply to letters in the paper / magazine regarding Timothy Hackworth's historic role. At first I thought they may have been written by John Wesley Hackworth but one of the pieces mentions John Wesley Hackworth. Judging by the paper and writing, they seem to be written pre-1925 but i'm not sure - Anyway here they are...

Note - the designations I've added (A) (B) (Bb) etc do not indicate the order in which the drafts or versions were written - the sheets were loose in the case) but just indicate separate versions. Where I've put Bb for example - a small 'b' indicates the flip side of a particular draft.






D (This was found separately but I think it belongs with these drafts)

Db (I designated this as Db but in fact this bit wasn't on the back of the above sheet D but with it.)

There is an envelope of similar pieces yet to be looked at - if they are part of the same drafting or throw light on the author, I will add them to this post when I've looked at them.

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