Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Photographs Shared with the Timothy Hackworth Museum c 1997

Letters from the Joan Hackworth-Weir Collection 12

The original is mounted on a card frame but no information with it!

No further information with this but the names of all the railway engineers including Timothy Hackworth are included on the poster.

I did a closer cropped version to see the detail.

On the back of this photo it says
" 2/7/xxB.M Hundreth Year of Railways
The Duke and Duchess of York at Centenary celebrations at Stockton and Darlington.

Procession over part of the Old Stockton and Darlington Railway of ancient and modern rolling stock representing a century of development.

Photo shows - The Derwent and Old fashion driver."

Below is the rubber stamp on the back of the photo of  Derwent

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