Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Letter from Esther Alderslade to the Editor of The Northern Echo 1950

Letters from the Joan Hackworth-Weir Collection 9

This letter was sent by Esther Alderslade 4, Northumberland Rd. Thornaby on Tees, to the Editor of the Northern Echo, Darlington (she's put Northern Editor but this is obviously the Northern Echo).  Although all the brief account of Timothy's life is not in the envelope (it may be elsewhere in the case) she enclosed a photo print of the Russian Locomotive which is seen here. I've included the interesting cardboard Corn flake packet that was protecting the photo!

Below - the drawing of the Russian Engine built by Timothy and taken by John Wesley Hackworth to Russia was sent to the Northern Echo 1950 for a possible article and life story of Timothy Hackworth.

Below - This 1950 Corn Flakes box was folded around the photo of the Russian engine for protection. Esther's name is  written on it.

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  1. Good afternoon, Trev!
    Please tell us the source and origin of the year drawing a locomotive for Russia.
    What it is - an annex to the supply contract, illustrations of any book (which one?), or something else?

    Can I use the drawing to illustrate the forum in a thread about the history of the rolling stock of the Tsarskoye Selo railway?

    Of course, with reference to the source - to your blog.
    Yours faithfully,
                              Dmitry Kudryashov.