Sunday, 20 January 2013

Mrs Timothy Hackworth (Jane Hackworth née Golightly)

Letters from the Joan Hackworth-Weir Collection 1

Watercolour of Mrs Timothy Hackworth /
Jane Hackworth  née Golightly
An unposted envelope with a note by Harry Parsons and containing a watercolour painting of Mrs Timothy Hackworth (Jane Hackworth née Golightly) with a note written on the back of the watercolour.

Harry Parson's note reads -
" The Original Painting of Mrs Timothy Hackworth. Bernard Young of Leeds has the one of Timothy and tried several times to get this to make up the pair. The Hackworth family would never agree and thought he should return to the one of Timothy to the direct descendants." Harry Parsons

The back of the painting 4" by 5" (ish) reads -

"Mrs Timothy Hackworth. The property of Miss Hackworth, 5, Gordon Tce. Thornaby on Tees."

Harry Parson's Note
Written on the back of Mrs Timothy Hackworth watercolour.

Interesting to note -

A black and white version of this painting appears in Robert Young's book.

In the 1923 version the picture is featured the same way as the painting - here
From the 1923 version of Robert Young's book  -  correct

From the 2000 version of Robert Young's book - reversed!

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